Company profile

CASIRAGHI Srl is specialized in cutting, deboning, sale and export of fresh and frozen pork meat, fats and offals.
The company began from the passion and the capacity of its founder in Brianza (an area near Milan) in 1977. It's the story of a family tradition, characterized by the care of the quality of the pork products.
The experience and the flexibility allowed and allow CASIRAGHI Srl - CE IT 689 S to respond promptly and effectively to client needs, ensuring the quality of products and to penetrate into the international meat market
Casiraghi s.r.l - CE IT689S has permission to export pork meat, fat and products to Russia, Hong Kong and Japan, ensuring their brand partnership of international standing.

Casiraghi srl

Via Provinciale Per Bernareggio, 34/38
23879 Verderio (LC)


  • Outer cheeks
  • Ears